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Skin Care Routine For Teens – See Results Within A Week

The majority of children have great skin, they look young, smooth and flawless. But then there are others who do not. They have pretty bad acne, some so bad it affects their daily life, this is dedicated to them.

If you find yourself to be in the minor group of teens who is suffering from bad acne, take a deep breath, you will be fine. Just follow a skin care routine for teens persistently.

There are so many reasons for you to start implementing a good skin care routine as early on as possible, just like a good behaviour, it is best taught early on.

Once you have done it your whole life, it will come naturally for you to take good care of your skin and body in general.

It will become one of the good habits you possess which you will carry on into adulthood. I have talked to enough adults to know that if you do not take care of your skin now, you will for sure regret it when you get older.

The one question I ask them about skin care is ” Don’t you wish you could have taken better care of your skin when you were younger?”, and the answer is always, yes.

You will meet tons of problems as you grow older, wrinkles, age spots, and crow’s feet. Here’s an article for the best anti aging creams if you are interested.

First Thing First

If you find yourself related to problems like acne or bad skin problems and wish to implement a skin care routine into your teenage years, you have come to the right place.

It may seem daunting at first, but trust me, after applying the same strategy or plan over a period of time, you will be doing it day in and day out as if it is your second nature.

Especially for teens, a proper skin care routine or regime is essential, you are the most prone to skin problems due to hormonal changes and stress.

Before I show you my personal teen skin care routine for when I was 13 years old, I am going to talk about a few other things first. I know it is already hard enough to deal with those stacked up assignments waiting for you and your annoying sister or brother telling on you.

I know all about that, but don’t make excuses, just do what you have to do. So muster up the courage to take care of you so that you can feel better about you. I hope that sank in.

Back in my days I have talked to many beauticians and dermatologists, some were friends and families, others were just professionals.

After asking and asking so many questions related to my skin, and also having researched about skin my whole life, I have conducted for teens, a simple and realistic skin care regime for teens.

Skin Care Tip #1: Cleanse Your Face

As a teenager you will most likely experience one of the worse breakouts in your life, ever. During this time, your puberty brings a lot of changes to your body, more oil production and bigger pores due to hormonal changes.

You can expect some terrible time coming for you with all those extra oil, they will start clogging your pores which leads to breakouts.

That’s why it is of utmost importance to cleanse your face regularly, once in the morning and once at night before you go to bed. Don’t just wash your face and be done with it, if you want to properly cleanse your face, do it the proper way. Behind the ears, the neck, all the way down to your hairline, everything.

Use both a facial cleanser and a moisturizer for the best results, I recommend using the Olay Golden Aura face moisturizer, because I have been using this for the entirety of my teenage year and it has been doing its job quite perfectly.

In fact, I don’t believe there’s a moisturizer better than the Olay Golden Aura, because it is so easy on your skin and it feels great when applied on.

Skin Care Tip #2: Remove Make Up (This One Is For The Girls)

I have always told people, and with people I mean girls, that they should remove their make up before hitting the bed. There’s a reason why even the world’s top dermatologists recommend washing off those dirty make up before you go to bed.

In all honesty it’s not hard to guess why, all those extra layers of products that aren’t supposed to be there in the first place carry a lot of bacteria with them.

The rule of thumb is to keep your face clean and for as long as possible, so clean it off. You may wonder why you should be doing that while your cousins or friends don’t even do that, and they wear a lot more make up than you do.

First of all, you have to factor in that their skin might be slightly different from yours, perhaps they’re not prone to acne as you are.

And just because they’re used to it, doesn’t mean their body will always be OK with it.

Just develop the good habit and prevent all those bad things from happening, like acne. You can run the risk of getting periocular dermatitis.

Skin Care Tip #3: Keep Your Filthy Hands Away

Fight of the urge to touch your beautiful face every five minutes. I know it is hard, and sometimes we even touch them without even thinking about it.

When we get nervous or a little anxious, we tend to forget how dirty our hands are and just wipe all those bacteria on our faces without realizing it.

This is probably one of the most important teenage skin care tips there is and highly underrated and not mentioned enough.

Teenagers usually have dirtier hands, because we are so used to touching things constantly without taking a break to wash off those germs.

I have been a teenager, I know for one how often I wash my hands, and I am almost certain you are exactly the same.

Skin Care Tip #4: Exfoliate And Use Proper Sunscreen

Your skin may not be the same as that of a reptile, we don’t shed, but that doesn’t mean exfoliating is not a good thing to do for your skin. Exfoliating once in a while can be extremely beneficial to your skin as it gets rid of dead skin and dirt quicker and easier.

Here are the 3 major benefits exfoliating brings to your skin:

  • It unclogs pores, just as I mentioned earlier, exfoliation helps you get rid of the layer of dead skin resting on your pretty face. Your body does shed those skin off naturally, but with everything else going on your face, it can sometimes slow down the process greatly and lead to other unwanted issues.
  • Evens out your skin tone, by exfoliating your skin, you give new skin cells the room to grow and rejuvenate the skin. The new skin cells will help repair the skin, the pigmentation caused by old pimples and other skin issues.
  • Reduce blemishes on your face, by cleaning out the clogged pores you run a much lesser risk of getting new blemishes like redness and pre acne lesions. So what exfoliating your skin does for blemishes is it provides your skin time to heal itself before getting new blemishes.


Bottom line Is

If you take care of your skin the proper way, I can assure you a less stressful and a more comfortable teenage life.

You will benefit from it as you get older as well, because by then, taking proper care of your skin isn’t something new to you.

I have a different article ready for you here if you are suffering from acne which you can implement as well.

It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes in your life to implement a teenage skin care routine, I honestly don’t see any reason you wouldn’t after knowing all about it.

If you find this information very helpful or very insightful, please like and share this as a small token of appreciation.

Who knows, maybe someone is in great need of the information here, and you could possibly change their lives forever by sharing it.

If there are any questions or if you want to share any kind of experience about your teenage years, I would be more than happy to answer and give you my opinion on them.


  • Babsie Wagner

    Yes, keep those dirty hands away from the face. My son used to play with his face all the time, and I know it was from being self-conscious about it.  That is a great suggestion.  I’m going to give the link to this article to my sister for my niece who is suffering with acne breakouts.  Let me ask you this, I didn’t see diet mentioned in this article.  Do you believe that a person can help eliminate acne breakouts by eating less dairy products and sweets?  I’ve also heard increasing the Omega-3 Fatty acids helps.  Have you come across this in your studies? 

    • Isaac

      Hello Babsie,

      Yes, please share this to all the teenagers or worried parents you know, this may help them greatly.

      I honestly don’t think that diet can play that big of a role when it comes to acne. Things like diet and environment does play a role when it comes to how your skin grows, but it is not the biggest factor.

      In my opinion, it is more genetic than it is diet or environmental, that’s what most of the dermatologists I went to agreed on as well.

      I hope that helps, best of luck!


  • Claudia

    You have no idea how bad my skin was in middle school *crying emoji*. I hate my graduation picture because my skin had a lot of acne. Its so true what you mention, you need to create a good habit cleaning your face and moisturizing it. And scrubing will help a lot too by getting rid of dead skin and uncloging pores. 

    • Isaac

      Hi Claudia,

      First of all, you are beautiful. Don’t hate those pictures, because they are there to remind you how much you have overcome, look at them as trophies!

      Glad you read through everything, makes my day.

      Best of luck Claudia!


  • Ann & Alex

    Hi Isaac,

    I wish I followed these rules when I was younger because I can tell you it would have made a difference.  But I also think you don’t need to be a teenager to follow most of these rules.  These are great tips to remember and do on a daily basis. 

    All the best


    • Isaac


      This skin care routine is indeed very similar to other skin care routines or regimes, but still a little different.

      Glad you enjoyed reading this, best of luck.


  • Luke

    Hi Isaac, I find your post about skin care for teens very good and informative. As you mentioned, if you have some heavy problems with acne when you`re a teenager, this can be really disturbing or even frustrating. There are some really helpful advices in your article, I know that skin on face should be cleansed but I didn`t know about exfoliating skin and its benefits. Do you maybe have some recommendations which sunscreen to choose? I`m sure anyone with skin problems (acne) will find this post helpful and thanks for sharing with us!

    • Isaac

      Hello Luke,

      Thank you, I am glad you find this useful. I know because I have struggled with acne, and I know it can be very stressful and frustrating.

      Here’s a review I wrote about the best sunscreen in my opinion

      Best of luck.


  • Pecilla

    I have suffered from skin problems too while growing up, and it was really frustrating.  It somehow gives you a feeling of insecurity about yourself. Yes, when we are younger we don’t really take good care of our skin. I just started to use those skin care routine later, when problem are already there. 

    These tips are really good especially for those teenagers and grown ups as well. Using the proper skin regimen really pays off. Sunscreen yes, is very important, I agree with that. I started to use sunscreen only when I had some brown spots on my cheeks, it was late but at least it was controlled. 

    Great tips and informative.

    • Isaac

      Hello Pecilla,

      I wish I could go back in time and make you read this article when you were a teenager! 

      But you are right, at least you are taking good care of it now, and I hope you will keep on doing so.

      Thank you for your kind remarks, and I wish you the best luck.


  • Tolu

    Thanks Isaac for this educative post. I agree with you that taking care of the skin should not be delayed till old age, and this can prevent the early onset of wrinkles. The skin is very important, permit me to call it the exterior cover. thanks for providing the skin care tips very helpful. You made mention of anti aging cream, i want to know if it works for all skin type, without the fear of a side effect, also how long would someone start noticing result. Thanks

    • Isaac

      Hey Tolu,

      You understand exactly what I wanted to say, I really appreciate you taking the time to read and understand what was said.

      It is preferrable to prevent wrinkles for as long as possible, but if you are someone with wrinkles or fine lines, don’t fret. I have an article about the best anti wrinkle cream you can use.

      They don’t usually come with any side effects, even if they do, it is very mild.


  • Mary

    Great and informative article and it is very important to your readers. You  post on skin care routine for teens will go a long way to help teens have solutions to their skin problems when the follow the routine listed in post persistently.Thank you because you have share ia very good information with us. We will always appreciate.

    • Isaac

      Hi Mary,

      You have no idea how happy I feel right now, the feedback you guys give in return is absolutely amazing.

      You can always find informative articles here, no matter what your age is, I promise you that.


  • Juliet

    Thanks for this post, I need to use your four skin care tips to pay more attention to my skin now. I usd to cleanse my face once in a while, now it has to be done regularly. I didn’t know how important it was to clean make up before going to bed until I read about a lady who had mascara almost destroy her eye sight. I’ll pay attention to tip 3 and tip 4 as well.

    • Isaac

      Hello Juliet,

      You are welcome, I am glad you found this article and I really hope you will start taking action and take better care of your skin. I appreciate you taking the time to read this article.

      Horrible things can happen to anyone, that’s why it is always better to prevent, best of luck, Juliet.


  • Ranao

    Good afternoon Isaac,’Skin Care Routine For Teens – See Results Within A Week’ article is very useful not only for minors but also for adults. Almost every person has to undergo a skin problem. Especially during adolescence, the skin needs special care. Due to ignorance and negligence, we can not take proper care of the skin many times. As a result, there are signs of various types of stains and dermatitis on the skin. My wife is a classical dancer; for lack of care and fatigue, many times he falls asleep with heavy makeup. In this, the spots on the skin of her face are spotted. Therefore, regular care and awareness are important if we want to keep skin beautiful and smooth. Thank you sincerely for such a splendid post. I’ve shared it on my Facebook page as well.With best compliments,Ranao.

    • Isaac

      Hello Ranao,

      I am glad you took the time to read this article and gives it a thumbs up, I am even happier because you shared it!

      It means a lot to me, really. Thank you.

      I hope your wife will start taking action and not sleep with a face full of make up, and I know you will do everything in your power to help her. Best of luck Ranao.


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