Food That Helps Clear Acne

There are a lot of things’ that can cause acne as we all know, some more than the other, but like most things’…it starts with what you put in your mouth and into your stomach

If you’re interested in how much of an impact food can have on our skin, I’m going to explain to you about some food that helps clear acne and what not to eat. If you have ever heard of ” you are what you eat”, I suppose that’s somewhat true.

Is Junk Food The Enemy Of Acne?

First, let’s talk a little about the kind of food we all love and want to eat at any given time of the day, JUNK FOOD! yes, who doesn’t like those greasy fried deliciousness? I know most parents probably tell their kids not to eat so much junk food like pizza, burgers and fries (my favorite).

And I’ve got nothing against that, they should listen, because it is unhealthy and lack a lot of quality vitamins and minerals.

That’s not the only reason those parents don’t want their kids to stop eating junk food, the other reason aside from the unhealthiness of the food is because it can cause acne and bad skin.

Is that really true? and the answer is, no, not really. There hasn’t been one study which shows that greasy food like junk food can cause acne, what most study suggest is that some food, like sugar and dairy products can cause acne.

Maybe you feel a little less guilty about eating that burger stacked with a kilo cheese on it, but that doesn’t mean its good. Junk food will always be unhealthy, there’s enough proof for that without stating the obvious, so even if it doesn’t really cause acne in general, try not to overdo it.

Dairy Products

Acne happens when the oil gland gets filled and bacteria starts to form, milk is said to have some effect on our testosterone level and that can lead to stimulating our oil glands in our skin.

People have been debating on it whether it can cause acne or not. In my experience, some dairy products do.

Dairy products like chocolate and whey protein has shown to affect my skin, but dairy products like cheese and milk did not.

Dairy like yogurt contain probiotic which helps with the acne-fighting, so it’s really hard to say whether or not dairy is to blame for some acne breakouts we have.

If you still want dairy in your diet, you can give each one of your favorite dairy product a little experiment and see how your skin react to it, positively or negatively.

And keep the ones that shows little to no effect on your skin…

Foods That Fight Inflammation

  • Probiotic, eat a lot of food that contain probiotics. Yogurt has a lot of probiotics that can lessen the inflammation while improving the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut and also create a barrier that seals away the unwanted bacteria which causes the inflammation. Something that is healthy and taste good, that’s a win-win.
  • Zinc, aside from keeping us healthy by fighting viruses and bacteria, it’s also shown to help people with mild acne. People with lower level of zinc consumption are also shown to have more severe acne. It has an anti inflammatory property, helps kill acne causing bacteria and lower the oil production in the oil glands.
  • Antioxidant, they protect our cells from free radicals by increasing the production of red blood cells. Vitamin A and E are the two most well-know antioxidants. Vitamin A helps with improving our immune system while vitamin E helps with the growth of healthy skin cells.
  • Omega 3, There are three important roles for omega 3. The first being, it helps in controlling or maintaining the testosterone level which causes overproduction of oil in our oil glands. The second thing it does is, the fatty acid EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) will be converted into anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substances inside the body. Last but not least, the last thing it does is stopping our liver from producing a hormone called IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor1), which is said to play a role in the development of acne.

Fermented Food With Probiotics

Sauerkraut, Sauerkraut is fermented raw cabbage that is cut and then put in a jar to get it fermented with lactic acid bacteria. You can just leave it on the shelf for a very long time without worrying that it might go bad, and it’s pretty tasty if you are into fermented food.

Tempeh, Tempeh is also a fermented food, its fermented soybean. It has a very similar taste to mushroom, but more earthy. Its consumed by a lot of vegetarians as substitute for high protein meat.

Kimchi, Kimchi is a very popular fermented Korean dish. Its also fermented cabbage like sauerkraut, but the spices completely different, kimchi is seasoned with a mix of seasoning.

Foods That Are High In Zinc

Meat, Meat have been in our diet since our ancestors first ruled the earth, they are one of the most essential food source we know. 100g of ground beef contain about 4.8mg of zinc, and that is about 44% of our daily intake.

Oysters, Oysters are also very high in zinc, if you care a little too much about calories, perhaps this would be a better choice than the ground beef. One medium oyster contain about 5.5mg of zinc, and it has far less calorie than ground beef.

Nuts, Nuts are very delicious and easy to snack on. Peanuts, cashews and almonds can boost our zinc intake substantially. 28g of cashew has about 14% of our daily recommended intake.

Antioxidant Rich Fruits

Blueberries, blueberry is the number one fruit when it comes to antioxidants. Just one cup of blueberry can provide you with 13000+ antioxidants, more than 40 common fruits out there.

Orange, Oranges doesn’t come as a surprise, its packed with tons of vitamin C which are the primary water-soluble antioxidant in our body. We shouldn’t take the things’ vitamin C does for our body for granted!

Prunes, black plums have about 4500+ antioxidants, and when they’re dried they pack a staggering 7000+. According to some studies, prunes help in boosting our bone strength as well. Happy eating!

Top 3 Omega-3 Food

Salmon, Salmon is loaded with tons of good stuff, it’s one the most nutrients dense food on earth. It has about 4000mg of omega 3 fatty acid per serving. Some study shows that people with a higher consumption of omega 3 food have a lower chance at getting heart diseases or dementia.

Herring, Herring is an oily fish, usually smoked to perfection and ate as breakfast in England. Aside from being delicious if prepared right, its also loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, about 3000mg per serving.

Mackerel, mackerels are also very popular and packed with tons of nutrients, these small fatty fishes are smoked or eaten as fillets. The omega 3 fatty acid content is almost the same as the salmon, about 4000-5000mg per serving.

Acne Starts With Your Diet

I hope this information I provided you helped you in some way, eating these foods may not cure your acne in an instant, but if you want to see your acne improving, start thinking about your diet, and what to eat.

Most of the food I mentioned above are very easy to prepare or eat, and they aren’t very expensive either. Eat them in moderation, that would be a good start. If you are looking for a daily routine for your acne prone skin, check out this article.




  • Sandy T.

    Hi Isaac:

    As a person that has suffered from acute acne in the past I find this information to be very beneficial and enlightening.
    As I am older now I don’t suffer as much as I used to but I still have flare ups and will start using some of your food suggestions and skin care routines.


  • Bill

    Issac, you have terrific information for all types of skin conditions. Years ago I suffered with very bad acne, and it shows unfortunately. Now I am quite older and have different skins issues from tags to aging skin. I am impressed by your information on what one eats and how that affects us overall. I find that making sure we drink plenty of water vs sodas or even the diet sodas will affect us. I would like even more information for us as we age also.



    • Isaac

      Thank you Bill, I appreciate the kindness, and I am glad you liked the article. Informing people about the importance of their skin has become my passion. Bookmark this website and you can always check out our latest post!


  • zardozmania

    Acne is a tricky condition, personally i never had it, but most conditions have an underlying factor of inflammation, so eliminating that is usually the key. In my opinion, it’s good to avoid conventional dairy products because milk that comes from large factory farms is usually loaded with antibiotics, hormones, is genetically modified due to gmo grains fed to livestock , and other unknown stuff they feed those poor animals, and it gets transferred to the milk, which becomes yogurt, cheese, etc. I find it worthwhile to buy organic, or, best of all, if you can get clean raw cheese or milk, that is the best of all. The other thing i think is incredibly important, that we don’t do enough of in the western world, is cleansing, fasting, and detoxing. Personally i make fermented cabbage juice by the gallon, drink about a quart of it at a time, and let it do its magic of a complete internal cleanse. Doing something like that once a week or so really helps flush toxins, and breaks down inflammation. So i totally agree with you on the probiotics, and that can be taken a step further by using cabbage juice as an actual cleanse.

    • Isaac

      That’s very true indeed, I think organic food is the way to go. Sometimes you just have to experiment with your body and see how it reacts to certain food, and yes detoxing helps a lot with cleansing our body as well.

  • Jermy

    Wow nice website features, I love the title skin care control as I wasnt familiar with the types a food to eat as what not to eat. I have always thought eating fruits an doing water was the key to on healthy skin, however you pointed out quite a few stuff that I found pretty much interested an will be able to put in practice as a part of my daily diet. Thanks much 

  • mark kabakov

    This is correct topic of health. I would like to add the following discussion: You can get rid of acne by normalizing the work of the intestine – because its condition directly affects the processes occurring in the skin. 

    To normalize his work, you can undergo a purification procedure: drink salt water in the morning (1 tsp per half liter of water), and after 30 minutes drink fermented milk products.      

    This method, used for one to two weeks, helps normalize the intestinal micro flora. If for any reason there is no desire to carry out such a procedure, you can simply drink a course of a drug containing bactericidal – for example, Linux or Bactericidal. 

    During adherence to the diet against acne, it is important to alternate daily products to the body to get all the necessary substances and elements. Do not forget that food and drinks for acne should not be too hot, because the steam emanating from them, expands the pores and contributes to the further spread of infection.

    The author in detail and meaningfully outlined the most useful methods of nutrition in this violation of health. 

    I appreciate his article. Thank. Mark

    • Isaac

      I appreciate you taking the time to help others with this amazing method, i’m pretty sure many can try the salt water method and see what works best for them. 

  • Tiffany

    I remember when I suffered with acne horribly in high school, and when I changed my eating habits later in life, my face cleared up completely. Now I experience acne when my hormones are out of balance, or when I am eating too much junk. Your post is so true. Thank you for this!

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