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Does Sleeping Slow Down Aging?

So here’s the question asked by many of you, does sleeping slow down aging at all? Life is beautiful in many ways, but to me, one of the most beautiful thing in life is aging. I know what you are thinking, but you probably got the wrong idea when I say that.

Aging puts value to life, and that makes life a meticulously written book. I, just like you, don’t like the actual effect of aging, that’s for sure.

We all love to look young and full of energy, but too bad, you and I, we can’t escape what’s inevitable in the first place.

Even though it is inevitable, there are many ways to enhance the way we look or to slow down the aging process in its whole.

From over priced creams and lotions to natural ingredients, from face massaging methods to microdermabrasion procedures.

But what about sleeping? Does it really slows down aging? We’ll talk about that very shortly.

The Benefits of Sleeping

Sleep is of utmost importance when it comes to your well being, to be able to function on a daily basis, sleep is a necessity. Don’t take it for granted if you already are, without proper resting everything will just slowly get worse and worse, your skin included.

This is also why aging and sleeping are always mentioned together, when you don’t age well your skin will not hesitate to show it. Sometimes you see people over 50 years old, but they look astonishing, they look like the next George Clooney or Sandra Bullock.

That’s the result for taking care of your skin, and take the needed rest. Don’t force your body into survival mode all day every day. I am going to name some of the most common benefits of sleeping, just to give you a better idea of what sleeping can do aside from keeping your skin healthy.

  • Sleeping can lower your blood pressure.
  • Sleeping can help reduce stress.
  • Sleeping can make you happier, less moody.
  • Sleeping can also help you improve your memory.

If this isn’t an eye-opener to you then I don’t know what else can be, again don’t take sleep for granted. If you have to work long hours and feel like you don’t have time to waste, take power naps.

An even better example is a machine, even the best and most advanced machine needs some kind of resting from time to time to prevent overheat or other performance complication, your body works in a similar way.

Sleep An Extra Hour or Two

Whether sleeping can slow down aging or not has been studied over and over again by scientists. There are studies that suggest that sleeping to be the one most natural way to slow down the aging process. No over expensive anti aging serum or creams, but just a good night sleep.

The lack of sleep can indeed accelerate the rate of which you are aging, your body starts to grow, heal and rejuvenate when you are sleeping, that’s why it is so important to rest when you are sick or when you are suffering from an injury.

Resting helps produce certain hormones and that will kick start the healing process.

The same thing happens with your skin, it is getting healed every night while you are asleep, new skin cells are formed while the dead ones are being disposed of.

That’s how scientist came to the conclusion that sleeping does indeed help slow down the aging process, the less you sleep the longer it takes for you to heal.

That’s why it is so important to get enough sleep. Try to aim for a solid 5 hours of good night sleep, it will go a long way.

Is Genetic to Blame?

This is also something scientists have been struggling to decode in the past few decades. How much of you is actually to blame on genetics or is it just a term we use nowadays to blame whenever something doesn’t feel right. Your DNA has a lot to do with how you age and how you look like, that’s true.

But how much of it has to do with how well you age? 90%? 80%? Sadly, no. It is about 20%, everything else has more to do with your environment and how you live, your lifestyle and your diet for example.

Just like most things, acne is said to be genetic as well, but not completely. If you are a teen and you are suffering from acne, check out this article about acne for teens.

So do something with that 80%, you have full control of that. Don’t make excuses if you find yourself looking like a 50-year old while you are only 30. I know there are many things to consider, maybe your life is harder than the average person, and stress is unavoidable for you, I am not going to judge you, but try not to make excuses.

How Can Sleeping Slow Down Aging?

Your body will start breaking down when you are going through a chronic sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can cause premature aging, very low energy and moodiness, discoloration of the skin and some more.

You won’t realize how much of a toll your late nights have on your body and skin in general until it’s too late, and then the only way to get back that beautiful wrinkle-less skin is by using over expensive lotions and serums.

A study was published surveying a few people, having them sleep 6 hours for 5 days straight compared to their usual 8 hours of sleep. The results were surprising, some participants were having 100% visible difference while others showed less, but this is the average results:

  • The redness of their skin increased by 10%
  • Their wrinkles and fine lines got worse, about 50% in difference.
  • Their pores were 15% more visible

This only goes to show how much an hour or two of sleep can do on the long run, imagine getting less than the daily recommended amount for a whole year or years. That’s why people nowadays have all kinds of skin problems.

We Can Come To The Conclusion

After reading this even you can admit that sleeping is indeed a very important factor when it comes to slowing down aging. The more you sleep, the better for your skin and the way you age.

Now when I say the more, I don’t actually mean to sleep all day long, because that could lead to other health issues I am not mentioning on this article.

Try to get at least a solid 6-8 hours of good night sleep, and you are good to go. There are a ton of ways to slow down aging, but this is the best way that cost close to nothing.

The last thing to do if you still don’t really believe how beneficial this is, do your own experiment and see the way your face is changing with your own eyes.

If you are interested in getting a microdermabrasion machine for improving or enhancing your look, to get rid of wrinkles and acne, you can check out my reviews about the 6 best microdermabrasion machines here.

If you have any question at all, don’t be shy to ask, that’s what I am here for. So leave a comment down below and share this if you are somewhat intrigued by this or if you find this helpful in many ways.


  • Nsikakabasi

    Sure it does, whenever you stressed it affects you.

    I had this aging wrinkles and a doctor told me its due to lack of rest and proper creams.

    If you actually sleep well and rub the right cream surely you would slow down aging that’s your skin would still be fresh and glowing.

    I would recommend if you had a stressful day take the night of and get a proper rest.

  • LeNard Simmons

    Thank you for sharing this post on sleeping and aging. Aging puts a value to life. I like that statement because it is so true. Aging is part of the process of making us who we are when combined with our life experiences. When I can get one in, I have been taking power-naps since I was a child, they work great for those days that start off hectic. I find it hard to get any extra sleep, so I grab a power-nap. Someone toll me that light-skinned people age slower than a dark-skinned person. Is this true? LeNard -seconds2work

    • Isaac

      Hey Lenard,

      Glad you liked it, there are more from where that came from. 

      Power naps are my go to naps as well, and I feel refreshed right after, sometimes a lifesaver. That’s not entirely true though, dark or light skin, the way you age depends on how you live and what your diet consist of. 

      Hope that helps, best of luck!


  • Oneal22

    I am glad to have stumbled on this very vital and educating topic, I can relate very well to the last point which says adequate sleeping improves memory, I have come to discover for some years now that whenever I lack adequate sleep, my cognitive performance is reduced to a real low. And the point that talks about stress reduction, I think it’s very valid because we all need an average of 7 hours sleep daily. Cheers.

    • Isaac

      Hey Oneal,

      I really appreciate how informative you find this article to be. 

      Your cognitive ability does improve when you have a good night rest, the average recommended is around 6-8 hours. Best of luck!


  • Theresa

    I never gave my skin much thought in relation to sleep. I have always envied people with flawless skin and assumed that I was just born splotchy and couldn’t do anything about it. I do have some better days than others, though, so I am going to start paying more attention to how my skin reacts to getting more or less sleep.

    I have recently become aware of the effects of diet on my skin. Evidently part of my skin issues are the result of eating processed foods or food-like products. As I get older, I realize more and more how important it is to take care of ourselves.

    I notice lack of sleep the most in my eyes. Without enough sleep, they often feel heavy and are reddish. They tire easily. It only makes sense that our skin would react similarly.

    Thank you for pointing out how important sleep is to our skin.

    • Isaac

      Hello Theresa,

      Don’t be envious, everyone’s skin is different. We need to first learn to accept and better things will happen. 

      Diet is an important part of our lives, not just for your skin, but for your overall health, I am glad you are finally taking action. Keep it up!

      You are welcome, happy I was of help.


  • Olalekan

    Sleep is essential to human body, there was a time I had a night and deprived myself of sleep, thereafter I was really weak and developed rise in body temperature. When the body is being stressed, a cool shower and a good sleep isn’t needed to replenish the body because nature cannot be cheated. One will become lean of body is deprived of the sleep it needs. 

    • Isaac

      Hi, Olalekan

      Your immune system gets weakened due to little to no rest, that’s a fact. So try not to have too many late nights for your own good. 


  • Achievers

    Sleep is essential to the body because nobody can cheat nature. Sometimes I was really trying to remember something but couldn’t an I was mentally stressed, after much stress I slept off and by the time I woke up I remembered what I was looking for which shows that sleep helps to recall memory. Sleep ensure good health status as well. Thanks for this post. 

    • Isaac


      Haha, yes that is something sleep can help you out with. Just a power nap can do wonders for your brain functionality. You are more than welcome, thanks for reading!


  • Seun Afotanju

    I have learnt alot from this post by learning how sleep slows down aging process, Sleeping is important not only to avoid under-eye dark circles but also to slow down the process of anti-aging. When we sleep, our body repairs and rids itself of toxins that we excrete during the day. I’m glad to know so much from your post. Looking forward to more interesting post as this. 

    • Isaac

      Hello Seun,

      You got the message righ to the point, this makes me fulfilled. There are tons of great articles which you can take a peek at, hope to inform you more and more!


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