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Can Wrinkles Be Reversed? Find Out Now

You always hear people talking about how they can treat wrinkles with an untold method or some magic lotion that can magically remove the wrinkles on your face once and for all. But what you don’t hear very often is whether wrinkles can be reversed or not, so can wrinkles be reversed?

In this article we will thoroughly explain to you, how wrinkles are formed, who is the most likely to develop wrinkles and last but not least, can it be reversed? And perhaps summarize the methods you can use to reverse your wrinkles or fine lines.

Skin care is important for many reasons, and that is why you should start implementing a skin care routine that fits your daily routine, so that you can reduce skin conditions like wrinkles, acne and some more.

What Causes Wrinkles To Form?

The first thing you need to know is, that getting wrinkles is just a natural process of life, your skin will not stay the same forever.

It may seem like some people never develop such a thing, their face may seem like it has never aged, not one bit. That’s probably because their skin age differently than yours.

Wrinkles are usually formed on the face and neck, places that have the most exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet light are the most likely to develop wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.

Though it is true that sun is one of the major factor when it comes to causing wrinkles, it is not the only reason.

Things like your diet and genetics can play just as big of a role if not bigger. Smoking is also something you should look out for, it can contribute to making your wrinkles worse than it already is.

At the end of the day, I would advise you to just implement a proper skin care routine.

Your skin will benefit from it for years to come, and that’s exactly what you want.

Who Is The Most Likely To Develop Wrinkles?

I hear people asking this question all the time. I know it will come as no surprise when I say the answer is people that are 50 and older. With that being said there are cases of premature aging which causes wrinkles and such on an early age. Premature aging is not all that common, and it is also known as progeria.

People that are prematurely aging will have symptoms like their skin thinning and becoming less elastic.

But premature aging is not the only reason, some people might get premature wrinkles without prematurely aging. You can get wrinkles as early as in your twenties.

There are two classifications I know, dynamic and static wrinkles. One, you get between 20-30 and the other is 30 and above.

Dynamic wrinkles are the ones you get when you laugh, or smile, it comes out when your facial expression changes. The other one is static, it stays even when your facial muscles are resting.

Those are usually the kind of wrinkles people are talking about and are scared of when they talk about the sudden rapid aging of the skin.

The Main Factors We Can Change

I know I told you earlier about some main factors that’s causing your wrinkles. Now I am going to talk about the ones that you have full control of to prevent getting wrinkles in an early age. Perhaps even reverse your age by 20 years, just for keeping an eye out for these factors.

Here is a summarized list of the main factors which you can take control of.

  • Your Diet
  • Quit Smoking
  • Don’t Pick On Your Pimples
  • Put On Sunscreen

The Diet

Holding a diet is not easy, it never was and it will never be, but is it a necessity? For sure. The way your skin grows has a lot to do with what you put in your mouth. There are certain foods that can help you “reverse” your wrinkles, I am going to name a few of them just for you.

And maybe you can start looking for them the next time you go grocery shopping.

  1. Lentils and Beans – These superfood are full of nutrients and also high in fiber. There’s a reason they are considered to be one of the few superfood, they are extremely good for the skin and are low glycemic which helps in regulating the blood sugar level.
  2. Green Tea – I hope you were expecting this one, green tea is almost always on the list when it comes to how beneficial it is for the skin and the overall health. It contains a variety of antioxidants, some of which fights inflammation of the skin.
  3. Blueberries – Berries aren’t just one of my favorite kind of food/fruit. They are so easy to eat and are packed with tons of amazing vitamins. Just like green tea, it has a variety of antioxidants as well, ready to enhance your body.
  4. Citrus Fruits – For the last recommendation I will put in my second favorite fruit of all time, a good expression changing sour citrus fruit like lemon or grapefruit. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins.


Stop Smoking, Quit it!

I know how you feel if you are used to smoking, but I hate to be the bringer of bad news, if you don’t already know, it is bad. Smoking is bad and dangerous for numerous reasons, and your skin is absolutely one of them.

Aside from the obvious reasons like it will harm your lungs, heart and perhaps even your brain, your skin will take a big toll as well. Smoking will wreak havoc on your appearance if you don’t stop now.

You can increase the risk of getting psoriasis, an autoimmune related skin condition.

It is also proven that people who smokes are more likely to develop baggy eyes, because they are more prone to a bad night’s sleep.

Remember those pretty white teeth you had, yea those will get even worse because of the nicotine found in cigarettes.

I know it’s hard to stop, especially a bad habit that’s extremely addictive, but trust me you will not regret it one bit if you overcome this habit.


Don’t Be a Pimple-Popper

This one is another bad habit you can easily develop, but not as bad as smoking in the sense that it won’t be as harmful to your health, except your skin’s health that is.

I have had acne for almost a decade, and I have probably popped thousands of pimples in my life, and yes, I am speaking from experience. I regret having done so, and I am sure you will as well once you start seeing your skin becoming less and less appealing.

Popping your pimples won’t directly create wrinkles on your face, but on the long run, the damage you did when you were popping those puses filled pimples, what it does is, it’s damaging your skin’s natural look with infection and such.

I am pretty sure if you ask your dermatologist, she’ll say the same. That’s how I learned my lesson and stopped popping pimples ever since.

Sunscreen is More Important Than You Think

I talk about sunscreen all the time, and how important it is for you, I even made a review about the best sunscreen in my opinion, you can check out my review about the La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 here.

The harmful UVA and UVB from the sun is the biggest factor that causes your wrinkles.

You probably think, it is alright, it shouldn’t be too harmful because everyone walks in the sun. What if I told you that about 90% of the way your skin changes when you age is caused by the sun?

And that about 80% of the way your face age is also due to sun exposure. If that still doesn’t turn on that light bulb in your head, then perhaps you don’t deserve better skin after all.

It doesn’t hurt to put on some sun lotion or sunscreen before you head out, takes about 5 minutes at the very most, think about it.

Reverse Your Wrinkles?

Now what is the conclusion? Can wrinkles be reversed? The answer is, YES. Your wrinkles can be reversed or prevented. You can do so by implementing natural methods that focuses on the root cause of the problem as long as they can protect against the loss of collagen on your skin.

Collagen is what you should focus on when you plan on getting rid of your wrinkles.

Another way to do that, and perhaps a more efficient way, is to use an effective anti aging cream or anti wrinkle cream. I have composed a list of the best anti wrinkle creams here for you to check it out.

I hope this article was informative enough for you and helped you realize how important certain things are like putting on sunscreen and what food to look out for.

If this has helped you in any way possible, please leave a comment down below. If you have a question or two, feel free to ask and I will answer them.



  • Louis

    Even though we must all get advanced in age, with proper care, we all can still enjoy a firm and vibrant skin, depending on how we care for our skin. I also do not want to have wrinkled skin at an early age. Thankfully I don’t smoke, however I don’t use a sunscreen lotion too. I’d look to sunscreen lotion to my cosmetics and make sure I eat more fruits packed with antioxidants. 

    Thanks for your tips, found them very helpful.

    Kind regards

    • Isaac

      Hello Louis,

      You are welcome, do me a favor and start taking care of your skin, that’s how you can return the favor 🙂

      You are absolutely right, no one wants to have wrinkles, but no one is taking care of their skin the way they should.

      Best of luck


  • Alblue

    Hi Isaac, thanks for writing about reversing wrinkles. When I was teenager, my parents often popped my pimples 🙁 I didn’t understand the harm of popping pimples until much latter when I’m adult now. As the result, there are some traces of wrinkles in my face. I’m glad it can be reversed. Is your wrinkles now have been reversed? I’m not smoking and doing some healthy diet, so maybe y next step should be applying skincare and anti aging cream. Thanks

    • Isaac

      Hi Alblue,

      You are welcome, it warms my heart if this helps you realize how important it is to take care of your skin, and yes, my wrinkles have been fading away like crazy when I started using anti aging creams, perhaps you can give it a try as well and tell me about it

      Best of luck!


  • Yormith96

    Hello there, this is just an excellent article about a long time question people has been asking about wrinkles, let me say I personally don’t believe it can be prevented since its natural things that must happen when people grow to certain age, like 50,60 and above, but you have just given me a better alternative to how it can be prevented now even at expenses of food we are eating, by stopping to smoke and even using cream. This is so excellent. I hope this article will get to people who also don’t believe like myself that wrinkles can be prevented. I will try by sharing, thanks for dropping this eye-opener article 

    • Isaac


      Thanks for sharing, you are being a great help!

      Wrinkles are indeed a natural process in life, we will all develop some kind of wrinkles as we age, but the trick is to prevent it from getting to a point where you would look 20 years older.

      That’s why there are many effective methods you can use to “reverse” your wrinkles and see that radiant skin once more. Best of luck.


  • Tunde

    Hi, Isaac. It’s nice meeting you. Thanks for sharing a post about this very important aspect of skin care.

    I have once wondered if wrinkles can actually be controlled or reversed. Now I have found the right answer!. Diet really has a big role to play in this. And I can say I am a professional pimples popper ( lol ), now I realised it’s a bad habit if I really care for my skin. Thanks for sharing this eye opening article.

    • Isaac

      Hey Tunde,

      Glad I could finally answer your question, and don’t be ashamed of being a professional pimple popper, I used to be one as well. 

      Now we know why it is bad, so we can take control and change our habits. Best of luck!


  • ajibola40

    Thanks for posting this article on can wrinkles be reversed.firstly I say wrinkles is mostly the sign of old age in my own view or it can also be sign of stress from the heat and so other factors.i find this article informative because I have not hear or read about the types of wrinkle.i will like to look at some of the anti wrinkle cream you recommend because I don’t want to take chance of having any till my old age naturwlly

    • Isaac


      You are welcome. Developing wrinkles can be caused by a numerous of factors, I didn’t name them all one by one, I did mentioned the major ones.

      I definitely agree with you, don’t wait til you get older to start taking care of your skin, anti wrinkle creams work on everyone, regardless of age. Best of luck!


  • Adamuts

    Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.wrinkles is natural and it can also be reversed by taking good care of the skin routine.this article explain things to do to prevent one from wrinkles, such as diet, quit smoking and use of sunglasss.wrinkles can be reversed by natural ways or by the use of anti aging cream .

    I will bookmark this page to get an anti aging cream for my partners wrinkles. This article is so resourceful. Best regards 

    • Isaac

      Hello Adamuts,

      You are welcome and I appreciate you taking your time to read this article. I have high hopes on your skin, your skin matters.

      Thank you for sharing it, you may not know how helpful this article can be to others, thank you again.

      Best of luck,


  • Seun Afotanju

    Thanks for this informative post, I agree with you on the age classification, when asked the people to develop wrinkles, This post has given me great concern learning that smoking causes wrinkles, which I didn’t know before now and I can see the proof of the aftermath which is true. I’m so lucky I came across this post and I’m hoping I find a suitable anti wrinkle cream from the list you provided that suits me. 

    • Isaac

      Hey Seun,

      Trial and error, that’s how you will find the best product that works for you. Definitely give the wrinkle cream I recommended a try, because I honestly believe they are worth it and it might change your life once and for all.

      Best of luck!


  • Kirsti

    I had a bad acne when I was younger, and I have developed some scars from acne. Luckily an oily, acne-prone skin ages more slowly than a dry skin. So I might not get much wrinkles.

    There is one way to prevent wrinkles you did n´t mention; face yoga! There are some free face yoga videos on Youtube. Of course, as with everything, you have to do it regularly to get the benefits.

    Thank you for the tips!


    • Isaac

      Hello Kirsti,

      Oily skin or not, it is best to take the same caution and prepare for the same issues ahead. I would advise you to implement these methods the same way.

      And thank you for the thoughtful method, I will definitely look into it, best of luck!


  • Todd P Matthews

    Being that I’m in my 20s, I’m glad I found this article now to take necessary steps to curtail the aging process. Sunscreen really jumped out at me so this summer, the sunscreen is making a comeback after being dormant for a few years. I don’t smoke and my diet is beyond healthy, incorporating some of the food you outlined.

    • Isaac

      Hello Todd,

      20 is so amazingly young, don’t take your age for granted and implement everything you know right away and enjoy from your youthful skin in 50 years:)

      Glad you are already taking action, but don’t underestimate what sunscreen can do. Best of luck.


  • Amanda Blaine

    This is a great article and I wish I had taken these preventative tips years ago, I never put sunscreen on and now I can see the affect the sun has had on me. A long with the stress over the years certainly shows, do the creams you have posted have collagen in them. Are there other ways to get collagen in to help in aiding in the reversal process?

    • Isaac

      Hi Amanda,

      Thank you for your compliment, it never too late as long as you start.

      The creams I recommended are all very effective because I or people I personally know, have tried them before.

      Best of luck!


  • Sienna M

    This is great advice for how to reduce or get rid of wrinkles. And you definitely see results right away! When I started using sunscreen, I immediately noticed that my skin looked way smoother. Love your content!

    • Isaac

      Hi Sienna,

      Yes, sunscreen can be a game changer for your skin. Glad you see value on my content, makes me appreciate you taking your time to read it even more. I hope your skin gets even smoother, best of luck!


  • Bart

    I was wondering how you get rid of the bags and wrinkles under your eyes. I get about 8 hours sleep, have never smoked, eat a relatively clean diet but I’ll be damned if I don’t have a couple of big bags and wrinkles under my eyes. I’d appreciate any help you might be able to give.
    Appreciate it

    • Isaac

      Hello Bart,

      I am glad you asked, looking for help is the first step to solving any kind of problems.
      You can check out the article I wrote on the best anti wrinkle creams for 2019.

      They will help you get rid of those bags under your eyes, I am sure one of them will surely change your life once and for all, good luck!


  • Winnie Yoong

    Hi, glad to hear that wrinkled skin can be undone XD haha..

    I understand that prevention is the key to young, firm and healthy skin. One question that I have is, do I need to reapply sunscreen during the day?

    • Isaac

      Hey Winnie,

      Yes, it can be done 🙂

      Always apply sunscreen before you leave the house, and it doesn’t hurt to reapply if you took a shower or went for a swim. I hope that answered your question, best of luck!


  • Erick Darke

    I remember who were smokers looking at least 10-15 older than they actually were. I imagine just volume of cigarettes contributed to their appearance . i actually used to smoke 2 packs a day then I stared getting chest pains and that was it for me . Plus I only smoked because it felt cool but in reality it was probably killing the hell out of me slowly. Great post on the results of smoking on the skin.

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