Can Rosacea Go Away On Its Own?

Sometimes you see people with a blushy red face with bumps and they never seems to go away. That’s a skin condition the doctors call rosacea. The most frequently asked question about rosacea is, can rosacea go away on its own?

Doctors still don’t know what the cause is for developing such a skin condition, but rest assured, there are plenty of ways to keep it under control and make it seem as if it is not there at all. Having rosacea is not a pleasant thing, not a single skin condition is, but let’s have hope at the rate our medicines grow.

Though it is true that new diseases are getting discovered, it is also true that our healthcare and medicine is growing as well.

The Definition of rosacea

Rosacea, sometimes pronounced as Ro-zay-sha is a skin condition in which the face or the affected area gets red and bumpy. The blood vessel around the affected area gets bigger giving the face or the affected area a flushed appearance. Face back, neck and chest are all places that can be affected by rosacea.

Sometimes the blood vessels are visible on the face, especially on people with a fairly thin skin. It can cause the nose to look big and red.

It looks extremely familiar to acne, but if you are worried whether its rosacea or some other condition you can always consult your doctor. They will have a thorough diagnosis for you, and determine the issue.

Some Symptoms

rosacea comes with a bunch of symptoms, some people might have a certain type of symptom while others do not. I am going to mention some most common ones and some that are intriguing to know.

  • Pustules: Starting with the MOST common symptom that people have when they suffer from rosacea is facial pustules, about 80% of sufferer have this.
  • Redness: This one and pustules are the two most common symptoms, your face gets really red all over your face, sometimes it may even look like you are blushing.
  • The eye: rosacea can affect the eye as well, your eye will often get red and watery, can be easily irritated and swollen as well. Almost half the people suffering from rosacea experience this symptom.
  • Flake skin: A lot of people experience a certain degree of dryness on their skin which leads to flakiness, not all that common unless you already have dry skin to begin with.
  • Big nose: I don’t know if you have ever seen some old man having a big thick nose before, but that’s also a symptom of rosacea, but this one isn’t all that common, very rare in fact.

What Could Be the Cause?

Til this day it is still unknown what the actual cause of rosacea is, some say it could be genetic or hereditary, if some of your family members have it, the chances of developing rosacea is there. Some even say its environmental and dietary, and my honest opinion is, all of that could be true.

There is a reason why leading experts or dermatologists cannot figure it out, so the best thing to say is probably because it is much more complicated than it looks, it could be a little bit of all the “possible” causes we know.

So my take on this is, take better care at what you eat and where you are, and how your skin react to these things.

Not Curable But Treatable

Rosacea as we know it cannot be cured, but with the medication we have nowadays, it is definitely treatable. The best way to treat rosacea is by having a good skincare routine and some prescribe medication by your doctor, that’s it.

Even when you are not suffering from any skin condition, a well followed skincare routine is a necessity, why? Because it keeps your skin healthy and young. So don’t take this advice for granted and actually take care of your skin.

The prescribed medications are usually antibiotics which are taken in by mouth, but depending on the symptoms you have, the medications can be slightly different from the usual, just tell your doctor about it, and he will know what to cook you up with.

Another way to treat rosacea is by using laser treatment, but this should only be done by professionals to minimize the side effects like scarring, blisters etc. Laser treatments are effective, but yet many people don’t opt for this answer only because it is expensive.

So consult with your doctor first, because he will decide whether the laser treatment is good for you or not, some patients aren’t given the green light for this particular treatment. With that said it depends on how your skin looks and feels like at the moment.

Don’t keep it Inside

The last thing you want to do is try to hide your feelings from your doctor, he ought to know. Prepare yourself with some questions you’d like to ask when you have the appointment. Questions like:

  • Is this condition temporarily or is it chronic?
  • What is the cause of this?
  • How long before I can see results from medication?
  • Is it normal to have these symptoms?

These are just some of the many questions you can ask based on how you are feeling about your skin condition. If you have trouble with one of the many symptoms, your doctor can prescribe a different medication for you just to relief that specific symptom.

It Will Get Better

I know it sucks to have skin problems, I really do, but there’s no point in complaining about it. Start taking action and keep your skin issues to a bare minimum. rosacea isn’t something that will go away on its own, the moment you start to worry about it, make an appointment and seek for help.

The sooner you get help, the less severe and the quicker it heals. Don’t wait til your nose gets affected, your beautiful cheek gets affected, start right away when you notice the redness on your cheek, get it check.

If you have any more questions related to this topic, feel free to ask, I am here to answer and help as much as I can.


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  • primoz pticak

    Hi! I never knew this skin condition is called rosacea –  I always thought this skin condition is always acne. I have couple of friends and it really got to their self-confidence and they never try to solve their skin condition. Is there any other skin condition similar to acne or rosacea? I would love to read about that topic more  Nice article keep on doing them, they’re awesome.


    • Isaac

      Hi, yes, rosacea is the name not many know about. Rosacea are usually associated with acne, so it could be both. The best thing you can do to help your friends is by recommending them to go to the dermatologist or doctor to get it checked. If left untreated, it will only get worse, best of luck. 

      Thanks for the kind remark, keep checking, there are plenty of useful and informative information here, glad you liked it.


  • Daniel

    I must say that I am glad that I read this article as I actually know some people with these symptoms. I did not know that this “disease” is called rosacea, pretty interesting name. It is sad that it cannot be cured but it is like diabetes, you must learn to live with that and try to treat it as best as possible.

    • Isaac

      Hey, Daniel. I completely agree with that, most skin condition usually can’t be cured but have to be maintained. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, Daniel, thank you!

  • Kabirat

    Thanks for this. I have been seeing this skin condition on people but doesn’t know the name. Thanks in particular for the pronunciation Ro -zay-sha.

    What about psoriasis? Can you go some findings on the causes ,symptoms and treatment.?

    As for rosacea , I  previously thought it is triggered off by stress , are there over the counter creams or corticosteroids that can be used?

    • Isaac

      Hello Kabirat, you are welcome and I am glad I was of help.

      Stress could be a factor, but not a major one that specifically causes rosacea. There should be some over the counter treatments, but the best ones are the most prescribed by your doctor.


  • GVporras

    Thank you for sharing this great information about rosacea.

    Like you say it won’t go away but we can make it like we don’t have it. I have this problem for about 15 years now or is what my doctor say, that she thinks is rosacea. She prescribed me medicine for that but since I’m not a big pills taker for the side effects. One of my friend recommend me to use aveno, aveno is a cream to keep our skin moist and I been using aveno every day morning and night, the redness of my skin is barely visible. 

    Plus I try to stay out of the sun, by doing this it had help me a lot.

    • Isaac

      Hi, it is my pleasure to share with all of you. Yes, rosacea can be a pain in the butt, but don’t let it stop you from being the beautiful person you are, there are quite some methods to try which can help you out with the symptoms.

      I will look into Aveno and maybe make review about it, thanks! yes, always wear sunprotection even if the weather seems clear.


  • Sylvia

    I had an older cousin which suffered from Rosacea and back in the ’60s (that’s how far I can remember) there was nothing that could have been done. Doctors didn’t know anything and I guess, they didn’t really try to get more informed either.

    My cousin was very self-conscious and wasn’t intimidated by her constant bright flashy cheeks.

    However, in the mid-’70s, she started using a special makeup called camouflage makeup and was very happy with its use.

    Have you ever heard of this kind of makeup being used for this condition?

    Your article certainly gives me more insight into this subject matter, thank you for sharing it.

    • Isaac

      Hi Sylvia, I have never heard of that kind of makeup, but I am sure to check it out soon, kinda curious about it now. I am glad you liked the article, thank you!

  • Christine

    Thank you for sharing information on Rosacea.

    This is one of the common skin problem. One of my co-worker has this skin problem. Sometimes it get worse and is very uncomfortable for her. She will go to the skin specialist for treatment and the medication makes her feel better.

    All of us should follow a skincare routine to maintain a healthy skin. I hope that our medical research scientists will discover cure for this skin problem.

    • Isaac

      Hi Christine, I am sorry for your friend/co-worker, but as long as she sticks to what her doctor says, she will be feeling much better and will get much better results. I have hope for a cure as well. Good luck!


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