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Hey guys, welcome to my skin care website.

There are millions of people with one or more skin conditions, and millions of them don’t even know where to start looking for help.

Some skin condition go away on their own with some over the counter medication, some are very hard to get rid of, and some are so serious that you need to constantly maintain or care for them so they won’t get worse and affect your health.

I have suffered from quite a few skin conditions over the years. I have read and study about so many kinds of skin conditions, how one can lead to the other and so on and so forth.

Getting advice from professionals like a dermatologist or a beautician also helped in getting my knowledge on point.

And now I want to help and teach people about their skin.

There are so much to know about the skin.

How every little thing that may seem completely irrelevant can play such a big role in developing certain skin conditions…but don’t worry, I will provide you guys with enough information about some conditions you have, and where to find help.

Here’s A Short Story About me

As a kid, I have never suffered any kind of skin conditions, my skin was always pale and smooth to the touch…people would even play with my face just because it was so smooth and shiny.

When I turned 20, that’s where my nightmare started, when it comes to my skin that is.

At first, I was starting to get pimples occasionally, not a big deal right? but in less than 2 year, my pimples started to go from temporarily breakouts to mild acne.

I started to freak out a little, why isn’t my acne getting any better? am I suppose to get acne in my 20’s? Is it my diet? All of a sudden, in less than 2 year, I went from the smooth pretty face to mister acne.

Having bad skin isn’t just something people can get over…

Bad skin does not only affect you on a physical level, it also affects you mentally. When people that have clear skin don’t have a clue what the cause of acne is, they’ll start asking you question like “Do you even wash your face?”.

I was a little embarrassed, but thankfully, I’m quite an optimistic person and believed in better days. I was taking action by going to the dermatologist and beautician to keep my acne under control and to learn more about them.

I wasn’t afraid of asking questions and researched a lot about the skin itself when I got time and that’s how I kept my acne and skin under control after a several year, patience is key!

Healing Takes Time

When it comes to certain kind of skin conditions, patience really is the key. Having acne or eczema isn’t something like flu which will get better on itself after 2-5 days.

Skin conditions are completely different and you need to know what it is you have and how you can treat it before it gets worse.

There are so many kinds of conditions, knowing what you have and how to properly engage the problem early on will definitely lower the risk of having anything serious later on in life.

I will provide you with a lot of information and solution to all the different kind of conditions, just so you can start taking action.

Your Skin Matters

I know everyone wants clear and shiny skin, but just wanting it and not taking action by taking proper care of your skin won’t work.

The main reason people aren’t taking care of their skin is probably because they don’t know where to start.

Here we have all the information you need to help you take action and improve your skin on a daily basis.

So don’t be afraid to browse around our website, the chance that you might actually come upon something related to your current skin condition is big and if you have anything to share about your condition, be free to do so.

Your skin matters, here’s to smoother and healthier skin,


The founder of Skin Care & More

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